Monet Sommers


Hi and welcome! My name is Monet and I am a curly headed, twenty-something currently planted in Germany, but born & raised in Tennessee.

This blog was started in 2016 as an avenue to be creative + share my journey abroad with my family + close friends.  Since then, it has expanded to a platform of travel guides, recipes, and so much more.

 You can find me with my camera glued to my hand, always traveling somewhere new, and taking too many pictures of food.  I have a passion for people, seeing and experiencing new things, and finding beauty daily.  I am sucker for long walks, eating sweets, and being in community with people.  I talk too much and ramble often.

I am also a writer and traveler for Hippie in Heels Blog, where you can find more of my work there.

Thank you for stopping by! 


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