DIY Wooden Poster Hanger

DIY Wood Poster Hanger

Getting sweet surprises in the mail is the absolute best.  Especially when they come from some of your dearest across the world (thank you, Erin & Phil!).  I was beyond excited when this poster from Native Maps arrived at our doorstep, if you haven't seen their other maps you can check them out here (the gold foil prints are gorgeous)! I have been wanting to hang personal pieces up in our pre-furnished apartment to make it more homey and this was perfect starting point.  Plus, super economical!

After doing some research, I found this one from Urban Outfitters and this one from Anthropologie.  Sadly, the one from UO was the wrong size and Anthro's was beautiful, but not at the price point I was willing to spend. And since I haven't quite mastered navigating Etsy on the German site, I felt that my best bet would be to make one. This was super easy to put together and the supplies are easy enough to find at your local Home Depot/Lowe's or in our case Hagebaumarkt. 

If you're interested in this easy DIY Wooden Poster Hanger see below!


- long wood strips that are 1 1/2" wide by 1/2" thick (x4) 
  (I had mine cut at the store to be 1 inch wider than my poster -- have yours cut to fit your     picture/photo/poster)
- 3/4" wood screws or nails
- eye screws (x2)
- wood stain and a rag
- leather string

Step 1:

Stain your wood to desire color and let dry.  Next, use the wooden piece that will be your top back piece (facing the wall) and screw an eye screw on each end 1 inch from either edge (see photo below for example).

Step 2:

Place your poster (face down) between the two bottom pieces of your hanger.  Use your nails (I needed one for each end) to attach the two pieces of wood together from the back side.  Sadly, once you nail in you will not be able to reuse your poster.  Our nails were a bit long, so we had to bend the ends so they would lay flat agains the wall.

Step 3:

Repeat Step 2 for the top two pieces. Finally, grab your leather string and tie around each eye screw then hang to your wall.  We wrapped ours around the nail so that it would completely cover the nail and look a bit like a knot. Ta-da! 

If you end up  making your own DIY Wooden Poster Hanger, please let me know in the comments below! Good luck!