Camping in Craggy Gardens, North Carolina

Photo Credit: Michael Sommers + iPhone 6

Photo Credit: Michael Sommers + iPhone 6

Let me start off with this, I really do love nature, but I don't love bugs, spiders, dirt, and feeling like a bear is going to sneak up on me at any moment. Fortunately, I have a husband who knows this all to well, and when he brings me along on his camping adventures, he always takes me to the spots with the least amount of exposure to the above nuisances. Craggy Gardens being one of those unique spots that gives you both a good view and comfortable spot to sleep (comfortable as in no bugs flying around you and I have yet to see a bear).

What I love about this spot is it's vicinity to Asheville, NC, one of our favorite cities to visit. It's easy enough to spend a Saturday in Asheville touring the breweries and trying new restaurants, then make your way up to Craggy Gardens a couple hours before sunset. 

Next time you're searching for a quick, convenient, and beautiful campsite, look no further than Craggy Gardens -- it's one of the few spots that has it all. If you're looking for a more complete review of this spot, check out Roots Rated's review here.


xo Monet