Pineapple Floats & Friends

Rachel and I have known each other since we were awkward and 13. I am so thankful that during Freshman year English class I asked her why she and her best friend weren't talking, got waaay up in their business, then tried fixing the problem. Classic Monet moment of wanting everyone to hug it out.

Since then, we've eaten too much ice-cream, laughed and cried through high-school and college, and stood by each other on our wedding days. Now, we're not quite as awkward. Rachel is an incredible photographer, and since I have known her she always stood out in her creative ability. This week, she was oh-so kind to help me out with my photography skills -- below is the result. Shout-out to Rachel for being uber patient, an incredible teacher and amazing model.

Check out her website here.

- xo Monet


Monet Sommers