Berry & Peach Picking in East Tennessee

Blueberry Picking

The Fruit & Berry Patch was the most lovely spot to spend an evening with these ladies. We met the farmer, who was quite a gentleman, and educated us all the different seasons for crops and let us know that he encourages "tasting before you buy" . Can't wait to continue enjoying this hidden gem the rest of the summer. Crossing my fingers that Germany will have a unique spot like this, too.

This past week, a couple of my lovely friends and I ventured out to this local farm and were in awe by the beauty. Erin and Rachel are both amazing photographers, and it was such a delight getting time with two of my dearest and learning a bit more about their trade. Plus, we walked away spending less that $4/each and came home with buckets of fruit. We will definitely be back in July for the grapes and strawberries -- stay tuned.

xo Monet