Summer to Fall Stripes & Germany Update

While it's Labor Day Weekend in the States, it's 60 degrees and windy here in Northern Germany, but I am surprisingly not minding it. Michael and I enjoyed a weekend in Hamburg and then had time to enjoy our little town in the Lower Saxony. Sunday in Germany is a day to spend with family and friends, relax, and rest before a busy week. There are many things I am adjusting to in regards to German Culture (like all of the grocery stores being closed on Sunday, wait every thing is closed on Sunday), but I am also finding so much appreciation in the calm and stillness that comes with Sunday. 

This Sunday I am excited to share with you ways I am transitioning from my summer to fall wardrobe. You can already smell the colder weather coming in and leaves are on the ground. However, one of the first pieces of advice given to me was "don't trust the weather", and that couldn't be more true. One moment the sun is shining, then the next a downpour of rain is coming with 40mph wind -- I learned the hard way what happens when you walk through the city on a sunny day without a jacket and umbrella in hand.  


This leather jacket is my go-to and I find myself grabbing it on a daily basis. A classic button-down is a must for all seasons and this one is both comfortable and chic, plus an easy transition from summer to fall. I paired these with my white skinnies and pointy leather loafers. For details see below:

Top Shop Jacket // Zara Shirt // Paige Denim // Zara Shoes