A Boutique Stay in Paris: Hotel Saint Marc

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I arrived to Hotel Saint Marc on a rare sunny day in Paris.  The front desk hostess greeted me by name and quickly helped me with my things.  She joked that the warm and sunny weather was indeed a rarity and the next few days would be the typical dreary, cloudy sort of climate.

However, I quickly found out that waking up in rainy, dreary Paris is such a lovely way to wake up in Paris. There's a sort of magic about it all.

Hotel Saint Marc was recently opened in the spring of 2016.  The design is sleek, modern, and bold -- each room has it's own personal flair.  The pastel colors were gorgeous and inviting and the champagne pink wardrobe doors in my room were one of my favorite touches. 

As you can likely see from the photos above, not a detail was missed when designing this beautiful space.  The colors flow so wonderfully together and are not overwhelming in the least bit.  I felt like I was visiting a French fashion designers home and just couldn't stop touching and staring at every thing.

My room was extremely spacious, especially for a hotel room in Paris. Honestly, the entire space is comparable to the size of the living and sleeping space of my flat in Germany! So of course, I was daydreaming of recreating this space for myself.

Upon walking into the room there was a large seating area to the right with a fridge filled with drinks and refreshments, small TV strategically hung on the wall, and a Nespresso maker (my favorite aspect of European hotels). Although I didn't use this area too much, I imagine for a longer stay it would be perfect to unwind after walking the streets of Paris.

The bedroom was absolutely magnificent. Seriously. A large king bed filled half of the room, while a large chase and closet filled the other side.  The three large windows in the room had gorgeous views of the Parisian street below.  I loved waking up in the morning to the sounds of the city starting to rise and the rain hitting the glass.

Breakfast was served in the dining area of the hotel, but I opted for mine in the room.  I mean, who can deny breakfast in bed? Not this girl. It was a fresh assortment of breads, jams, and yogurt.  I think now that I've had a French croissant I just can't go back.

The Spa area is one of the highlights of the hotel, but I was too busy to spend some time there.  I plan to make an appointment during my next visit, but it looked like a lovely space.

Saint Marc Hotel was one of those "wow" spaces that you'll never forget.  From the design and spaciousness of the room, the welcoming staff, and perfect location, I couldn't of asked for a better hotel during my visit in Paris.  

Thank you, Hotel Saint Marc for a fantastic stay.

Hotel Saint Marc

36 rue Saint-Marc
75002  Paris

+33 1 42 86 72 72