A Jazzy Stay in Berlin: Ellington Hotel

Oh, Berlin.  One of my favorite cities in Germany.  It's a city filled with such a diverse population, rich in history, and full of so much personality.  Someone once told me that no matter who you are, Berlin will accept you. 

I find it always so important to find a hotel or accommodation in a city that truly reflects the place you are visiting.  Ellington Hotel Berlin did just that. As soon as you walk into this 1920s building, you feel welcomed and invited in this bright and trendy space.  The space is big and open, but some how still cozy. One of my favorite features of the hotel is the brass detailing along the windows and walls -- so gorgeous.

Our room was spacious and clean.  The design of the hotel is simple, but I found that so relaxing and made you appreciate the great attention to detail that was put into certain aspects of the space.  The bathroom and bedroom are all one room with a private toilet, and the large bathtub overlooked the bedroom and out the big, warehouse windows (perfect spot to unwind).

Although we didn't eat the Duke Hotel located on the ground floor of the hotel (Berlin Fashion Week was taking over!), the space was just as gorgeous as the rest of the hotel and the food smelled divine.  Breakfast was serviced in the dining hall near the restaurant and it was fabulous, your typical European breakfast, but with superb quality and lots of options.

Overall, we had a truly fabulous stay at Ellington Hotel Berlin and I have already planned another trip back to this jazz hotel tucked away in the Zoo District of Berlin.  Thank you for hosting us and see you soon, Ellington!


 Nürnberger Str. 50-55

 10789 Berlin

+49 (0)30 68 315-0
+49 (0)30 68 315-5555