The Camera Gear I Always Have in My Bag

My camera goes with me everywhere, I mean everywhere. So, when picking out the right camera, lens, and equipment I wanted to make sure I was absolutely certain before making such a big investment. Also, having lightweight gear was at the top of my list because of all the traveling I do (and who wants to have a sore neck?). 

The question I get most often via Instagram message, email, and Facebook is always, "What camera and lens do you use?!". So, I figured it was about time I share with you guys my camera gear, why I picked it, and how it's working for me.

What camera gear do you carry in your bag?

"The best camera is the one that you have with you" - unknown

If you're new to blogging I feel like that's the best advice one can give you.  As tempting as it is to go buy the greatest and newest camera out there, it's not always worth it.  If you're not going to carry a huge DSLR with you every where, than it might not be the best option for you.  So many bloggers take incredible photos with their iphones!

For me, I knew I wanted beautiful imagery to make my blog pop. Also, I have a passion and love for photography, so mastering the skill was important to me. That's why I chose the Sony A7ii, it gave me quality photos with a compact camera that I knew I would take with me everywhere.

After shooting with an entry level Nikon d3100, then making my way up to the Nikon d5500, I finally sold both cameras and switched all my gear to Sony.  That was such a stressful decision (selling your cameras is much harder than I imagined!), but I can happily say I have no regrets.

The Sony A7ii is lightweight, has wifi capabilities (which is a huge plus for bloggers), has the ability to hold other brand lenses with an adapter, and the specs are comparable to a full-frame DSLR but with a lot less weight.  

The in-body stabilization has been extremely helpful to me in low light situations or when the subject is moving. The quality of photos have been superb and even comparable to my mom's Nikon D810.

Overall, I can recommend this camera if your main priority is travel photography and you're looking for light weight equipment. However, the transition from a DSLR to Mirrorless camera definitely takes patience, time, and practice, but for me it was worth it.

Sony Zeiss 35mm/2.8

I just added this lens to my collection a few months ago and now it's the only lens I travel with. Okay, that's probably a rookie mistake traveling with only one lens (do as I say, not as I do). However, this post is about the gear that I always bring, and this one is always on my camera.

Before buying this lens I carried a 55 mm, 1.8  lens.  It was perfect for my Lifestyle and Food photography, but just was not wide enough for all my travel photos.  After doing more research than one can imagine, I settled on this beauty.  It's super tiny. Like the tiniest lens (other than a pancake lens) and has the ability to create amazing photos. 

Okay, I wish the aperture would at least go down to a 1.8, but the 2.8 f-stop is enough for most of my travel photos.  Also, the Sony A7ii body does so well in low light situations that it compensates for the less than impressive aperture. 

Again, lightweight gear and an economical price point were both a huge priority for me.  This lens fit both requirements.


Lexar Professional 32GB

I have heard way too many horror stories of SD cards failing and going bad.  Sadly, I was the victim of that a few weeks back on my Canon G7X.  So, I quickly invested in high quality SD cards and I'll never go back.  It's worth spending the extra $20 for the peace of mind.

Canon G7X Powershot

This little guy's photos don't always make a debut on my blog, but I always travel with it as a backup camera.  Also, it makes amazing video content if you're looking for a small camera for vlogging.  Currently, I don't post any of the video content we create, but it's really nice to have for us to look back on our travels.  Maybe one day I will be bold enough to start a YouTube channel... we shall see...

Sometimes when we have a crazy, busy day and I don't want to carry my Sony A7ii, I will simply carry my Canon G7x.  I actually end up taking more photos when carrying it because it's such an easy to use point and shoot camera.  The photos are great for Instagram and Facebook post, but for me, I don't love the quality for blog photos.  So it's kind of a "give and take scenario" and you have quantity over quality at the end of the day.

Regardless, I always pack this in my bag because it's small, great for back-up, and the video content is wonderful.

I always carry extra things like additional batteries, a small tripod, chargers, and backup SD cards. However, the above is my main gear that is always in my little leather backpack and have been tried and true.  If you have any further questions don't hesitate to send an email or comment below!