Four Star Icelandic Escape: Hotel Húsafell Review

Located in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland, Hotel Húsafell is a hidden escape where you can find your best chances of seeing the Northern Lights, exploring glaciers, hiking close by mountains, and only a 7 minute drive from the Hraunfossar waterfalls.  During my stay there, I could not help but think I was in my own, dream adult playground -- it was pure bliss!

We arrived super early to Hotel Húsafell after a long flight from the USA.  The staff kindly let us check-in early and grab a delicious breakfast from the buffet.  Upon arrival, the room was clean and a great size with heated floors in the bathroom.  We had a spectacular view of the mountains and the geo-thermal pool was just a quick walk away.

The staff gave us advice on what to see and do in the area.  The Hraunfossar was one of my favorite things to see and experience, just a short drive from the hotel you'll find these beautiful waterfalls that were formed a volcanic eruption -- absolutely amazing to see in person.  The Glacier tour & hunting down the Northern Lights was also at the top of our list.  However, we were lucky enough to wake up on our first night and simply see the sky dancing outside of our window.

I saw the Northern Light in Norway, but it consisted of driving for hours in the middle of the night and after 4 straight days of searching we finally found them.  In Iceland, it was a totally different experience, we simply opened our window one night and there they were! 

Okay, this geothermal pool was one of my absolute favorite things about staying at Hotel Húsafell.  All hotel guests have free access to the pool and are given a fresh towel when they arrive.  After being jetlaged and exhausted, this was just what I needed.  There are 4 different pools all set at unique temperatures ranging from 30 - 45 degrees Celsius.  Pro tip: start in the colder pools first before you make your way to the hottest one! 

Overall, we had a lovely stay at Hotel Húsafell and it felt like it's own hidden oasis.  We were in a convenient enough spot to see the many things in Western Iceland and were even given great recommendations from the staff on the things we didn't even think to do!  If you're looking for a luxurious, beautiful place to stay then I couldn't recommend their space enough.


Hotel Húsafell

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