A Breathtaking Trip 30 Minutes Outside of Dublin, Howth Cliffs

Howth Cliffs



There is something about escaping the bustle of a city and experiencing the nature that surrounds it.  Don't get me wrong, Dublin is full of great food, Irish beer, history, and so much to do and see.  Yet I found myself truly embracing the Irish culture outside the city in the small town of Howth, Ireland. It was everything I dreamed Ireland would be; humble yet extraordinary. 

The Howth Cliffs are located northeast of Dublin and have over 10 miles of hiking and walking trails with views of Lambay's Island, Irelands Eye, the village of Howth, and the gorgeous, rocky coastline.  While walking you can smell the ocean and overwhelming scent of coconut from the yellow gorse on the heath.  In every direction you'll find breathtaking views and I think I took more pictures in one day than I have in a while, there was just so much to see.

How to get to Howth Cliffs from Dublin?

Take the DART from Tara Street Station and purchase tickets for round trip to "Howth Cliffs" from the kiosk or in person at the desk. The train leaves about every 30 minutes during the day and the journey is only 25 minutes.  This is the route we took and found it very easy and convenient.

Next option would be the bus line 31 towards Howth Summit and the bus leaves from Busáras Bus Station; taking about 35 minutes. Also a convenient and direct route, but I didn't use this one personally.

How to dress/what to wear:

I visited Howth Cliffs during May and it was unseasonably sunny and warm, which I wasn't mad about one bit.  However, the cliffs can be quite windy and even if you are visiting during a warm season, I would bring a windbreaker or a breathable jacket.  If you're visiting during rainy season (aka anytime during the year) be prepared for it to be a bit muddy and wear durable shoes. Also, having water on hand and a few snacks would be quite handy (rookie mistake on my end, I was starving afterwards).

What to expect:

Expect a day full of grand views, lots and lots of walking with a little bit of incline here and there, and a dreamy day experiencing Ireland's coast.  If the flowers are in bloom, take in the coconut smell of the yellow gorse on the heath and watch the seagulls fish for food.  It's truly an amazing day to trip to take if your in Dublin for a few days and it was my favorite part of my week in Ireland. 

Spend some time in the town of Howth

After a full day of hiking and getting 10 miles in, you deserve nothing less than a hearty Irish meal. The harbor town of Howth is full of local restaurants that have the best fish & chips, oysters, and seafood you can find.  It's also just a cute place to walk around and see the locals enjoying the day.  We listened to a live music at the pier and seeing the tide rise while the sunset, such a perfect way to end hiking. 

Hope you get  a chance to visit this dreamy gem that is Howth Cliffs outside of Dublin. 

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