The Plant Holder that will Brighten Up Any Space

Ikea Plant Holder

With spring around the corner, but Germany still rainy as ever, I was in desperate need of brightening up our little home.  Some of you might know from following along that we live in a pre-furnished home in small-town Germany.  It's a delightful little space, but this dreary weather is making it not as happy as it could be.

Before we moved abroad, I dreamed of decorating our new home and have a clean slate. To our surprise, we were lucky enough to find a place that was fully furnished and move-in-ready; we couldn't say "no" to this convenience.  So my dreams of spending months decorating were now gone, but it was a blessing in disguise because we not only saved money, but also freed up so much time and stress in the beginning of our move.  I now giggle at the thought of me going into IKEA and trying to explain in broken German which kitchen I want, lol. It would have been a disaster.

Since our move, I have been gradually finding little pieces to make our home feel more like us.  It started with this fun, DIY Project I featured on the blog awhile back. It's funny how a small piece can take your space to whole a new level and without breaking the bank!

Today, I wanted to share with you a few photos of our newest piece, this IKEA plant holder.  I saw in it stores a few months ago and envisioned my cactus and succulents having the perfect sun spot.  Well, a few days later my cactus died and my succulents' lives were coming to an end as well. Who knew you could kill the most resilient plants? My "black thumb", as my husband so kindly said, was out in full force.  I prefer to blame the dreary, German weather.

Fast forward a few months later, and I did some research on how to properly care for me new plants: a citrus tree, rosemary, and a happy, new cactus.  So, I figured these little guys deserved the proper home.  

How are you all using your plants as decoration? Any great advice on keeping them alive? Share in the comments below.