Luxurious Stay in Munich: Kempinski Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Kempinski Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

One of the top luxury hotel lines in Germany and around the world, Kempinksi Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten (try saying that three times) is not just a hotel, but a luxurious escape in Munich. Located on the famous Maximilianstraße across from Cartier, it is the perfect location for someone looking for an extravagant weekend away in the heart of Munich.

My husband and I spent a three-day weekend in Munich and couldn't have chosen a better hotel to stay in during our short visit to Bavaria.  Upon arrival to Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten the service was exceptional, the staff was beyond helpful, and the room was prepared beautifully with not a detail left behind.

The lobby and lounge is beautifully decorated and many people were enjoying afternoon tea along with a beautiful dessert that was being offered an honor of Kempinski's 120 year anniversary.  Although a traditional hotel, Vier Jahreszeiten has a contemporary touch to each room and all amenities are extremely modern.

Breakfast was absolutely delicious, it goes with out saying that it was the best European breakfast we've experienced.  Those of you that follow along with me know that my husband is a foodie, and I think his eyes grew two sizes every morning we woke up and made our way down to the dining room. 

The spread included your typical German breakfast (cold cuts, cheese spread, and fresh bread), however, there were also homemade croissants, delicious fruit & yogurt bar, and an English breakfast option, and so much more.  We started every morning with a freshly made energy shot that differed each day, but my favorite was the melon & ginger.

Whenever exploring a new city I find myself exhausted by the end of the day, so having a space to come back to that is relaxing is such a treat.  After hiking in Bavaria all day on Saturday we enjoyed the sauna, indoor pool, and relaxing in the spa area.  It was a lovely way to unwind before dinner and rest our feet after the 12+ miles.

The Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant was the perfect spot to grab a traditional Bavarian meal and delicious cocktail.  We enjoyed a Munich Mule & Pomegranate Champagne cocktail before our freshly made schnitzel and veal meatballs course.  The restaurant did an excellent job of putting a fresh twist on traditional Bavarian cuisine that I typically find quite bland.  However, everything we had was extremely flavorful and fresh.  Even if you're not staying at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, I can recommend the Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant for both lunch and dinner.

Staying in Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is perfect for someone looking for decadence, relaxation, comfort, and top notch service 24/7.  Located in an ideal location for seeing all of Munich's top sites and with parking on the premises. The quality of everything surpassed all expectations and made for the most memorable stay.  Thank you to Kempinski for making this such a lovely experience! 




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