A Weekend in Munich


Oh, Munich.  The heart of Bavarian culture, delicious German bier, heavy food, and so close to the mountains.  Really the perfect spot for anyone looking for a true German experience (the Northern Germans will not appreciate me saying that ;) ).

I must admit that before moving to Germany I thought all Germans loved pretzels, drank more beer than water, and wore Lederhosen for all special occasions.  Well, I was quickly proven wrong by the northern Germans and learned to not put all Germans under the Bavarian stereotype that is in many Americans' heads when they think of Germany.

However, Munich did satisfy all those preconceived notions.  It was full of lovely Bier Gartens, old Bavarian architecture, people wearing Lederhosen for no reason, and pretzels bigger than my head.  We spent three days in Munich and really enjoyed our time exploring this German city!

We particularly enjoyed Englischer Garten in the heart of the city.  It was a sunny and warm day in Bavaria so many people were out enjoying the small river going through the park, surfing at the infamous Eisbach, and enjoying a beer in the nude (really am impressed by the body confidence here!).

In the evening we had traditional Bavarian cuisine like Schnitzel and veal, which was good for a few days, but it is such a heavy dish. On Saturday morning the Farmer's Market was open and full of vendors selling gourmet food, trinkets, and fresh produce. We took a break from the wurst and schnitzel to try a tamale from a Columbian market (which was one of our wisest choicest during the whole trip to be honest).

On our last full day we took a road trip outside of the city to see Eibsee Lake just an hour south. Will be sharing the details to this trip on a separate post. 

We had such a lovely time in Munich and I am really hoping we make a few more trips down south while we are living in Germany!

Hope you enjoy the photos.