Mykonos Photo Diary

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Island was one of the most charming islands we visited during our seven days of island hopping in Greece.  From beautiful alleys to restaurants over looking the ocean and the iconic mills, this island was so stunning.

Although spending a few more days would have been ideal, one day was a perfect amount of time to see the main sites on the island and enjoy everything.  We arrived on a popular spot, Ornos Beach, where our catamaran dropped us off to explore the rest of the island.  Ornos Beach was full of beautiful lounge chairs, water activities, cozy Greek restaurants, and of course crystal clear water. We enjoyed a bit of time there before exploring the rest of Mykonos, but we could have certainly enjoyed relaxing at Ornos Bech for a full day. 

The old town of Mykonos was my favorite part of the island.  There are too many picturesque alleys to count, shops with handmade goods, and an abundance of places to eat.  We probably walked through the Old Town for 3+ hours just getting lost in the streets an not knowing where we were. When the streets are that beautiful, it's really not a bad thing being disoriented. Plus, even after walking down the same streets half a dozen times, we still managed to see something new each time we wandered.

Some of the best shopping was in Mykonos. I desperately wish I would have left room in my suitcase to take back a pair of handmade sandals from one of the shops (next time, right?). There were also quaint boutiques selling gorgeous jewelry and little shops with Turkish towels (I did manage to stuff one of those in my suitcase!).

Simply walking through the streets was pure bliss and the Little Venice area overlooking the water was one of my favorite spots. We also enjoyed watching the sunset over the windmills with a glass of Greek wine and seeing the city fall asleep.  Our day in Myknonos was of my favorites and I am dreaming of the day that we get to return. Crossing my fingers it'll be sooner than later!

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