One Dress, Two Ways

one dress two ways

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I’ve been eyeing slip dresses for quite sometime now. However, they either seem WAY too dressy, too long, poorly made, and just all wrong. Although I love shopping and finding fun, new pieces — I’m still pretty practical. I use this rule that my grandmother gave me when home shopping:

“If you can’t think of three places to put the piece of furniture, then don’t buy it.”

And I’ve started applying that to my wardrobe and what a game-changer it’s been. Now, if I can’t think of three different occasions, seasons, or places I would wear something it’s a “no-go”. Luckily, this little number surpassed my three places rules by far. Not only can I wear it on a date night with Michael, to a wedding, or grabbing a drink with friends, but I can also wear it from summer to fall. I tried it on with a large, chunky sweater and black boots — hello fall wardrobe!

If you’re looking for a high-quality slip dress that’s a closet staple, I definitely recommend this one.



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