Style: Denim Wrap Dress

This past weekend was our first weekend home in Leer. Typically, we travel to other German towns or hop over to the Netherlands, but we've been so "go, go, go" these past few months, we thought it'd be best to take it slow. Plus, we have some exciting things planned for the next few weeks (stay tuned). 

This weekend one of our friends was celebrating her 30th birthday, which included a lovely lunch and a night of laser tag, and we were invited to a German Baptist Church on Sunday morning. Although I didn't understand much in church due to the language barrier, it was lovely experiencing a different culture and meeting new people. Plus, Germans can sing! Also, we had a blast at laser tag and our team even won 2nd place - we will definitely be back. 

Something I learned about Germans recently was their fear of all things cold. I am talking cold floors, a 75 degree day with the sun out (yes, they wear parkas and scarves on these days), cold drinks, and having two windows open in a house at the same time -- there could be a draft! However, I thought this weekend was perfect weather to wear my heeled sandals one last time and throw on a dress without tights. And that I did! Granted, I likely stood out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of coat and boot wearing Germans, but I didn't mind.

Below are the details to this outfit from Saturday's festivities (I did change before laser tag, of course). Hope you enjoy!

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