Top 5 Things To Do in Berlin When You're Short On Time

Berlin 2016

Berlin, the capital of Germany and one of the cheapest cities in Europe, is full of culture, fashion, beautiful museums, trendy bars and clubs, shopping, and above all so much history.  It's a place where you can be whoever you want to be without feeling judged.  

In December 2016 I visited Berlin for just a short, two days.  Which I was told countless times, "Monet, Berlin is too worthy of just two days! You must go for a longer time!" I couldn't agree more.  We packed in as much as possible in our little time there, but I will definitely be back to this historical and vibrant city in 2017.

Just a few days before our departure, a friend of a friend gave us a list of the, "Top 10 Things To Do in Berlin".  He is a full-time tour guide in Berlin, so I thought he might know a thing or two about the city.  Granted, I typically am not the "toursity" type and would prefer to see more of the local scene, but with all the history, museums, and things to see, I couldn't help but be a tourist in Berlin.

Today I am thrilled to share with you all this list and a bit about our time in Berlin.  Hope you enjoy! Also, if you've traveled to Berlin and have a few recommendations, please let me know in the comments below.

1.  Museum Island

The Museum Island is a site to see in and of itself.  Since we only had a few days in Berlin, we saved going into the Museums for our next trip, but walking through the island and peaking your head in and seeing the architecture of each building is definitely worth it.  This will be at the top of my list to spend a day exploring upon my next trip!  However, if you're in Berlin for just a few days, I recommend taking a nice stroll.

Pergamon Museum
Bode Museum
Neues Museum
Alte Nationalgalerie
Altes Museum

2.  Berlin Dom 

To me, this was one of the most majestic buildings in Berlin that I saw during my visit.  The architecture and design is absolutely breath-taking.  Before it was used as a royal court church, but currently is a house of worship, concert hall, and museum.  If you're already in Museum Island, than this is definitely worth a peak.

3.  Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate is the only surviving gate of 18 city gates that were structured in 1791, now symbolizing European unity and peace.  This is definitely at the top of my list of things to see in Berlin.  As an American, you can't help but visualize JFK standing in front with his poorly spoken German saying, "Ich bin ein Berliner".  It was such a neat thing to see this structure in real life knowing all the history that comes with it. 

4.  Reichstag || German Parliament Building

Parliament Building German

This building has been through so much, both bombed and set on fire.  Now it stands proudly and beautifully as the home of the German Parliament.  The rooftop glass dome against the old architecture is truly eye-catching.  It's a quick walk from the Brandenburg Gate and you can take the city bus to and from both spots if there weather isn't so great.

5.  Holocaust Memorial 

This football sized memorial created by American architect Peter Eisenman is covered with 2,711 concrete slabs.  Below this memorial there is a museum that holds the "Place of Information", which list about 3 million names of Jewish Holocaust Victims.  


Although there is so much more to see and do in Berlin, I felt that these spots were truly worth it considering our tight schedule.  Also, with it being winter, we didn't have the opportunity to enjoy as many outdoor cafés and parks as I would have liked.  Stay tuned for a Berlin post this summer!