Wild One Dog Kit Review

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Y'all. Before Wild One's delivery of Frankie's kit, he had the same leash since the day we picked him up, which was a $5 black leash from Petco that we bought in a super rush and was falling apart. To say he was overdue for a new one is an understatement.

I stumbled upon Wild One's products via Instagram and started saving all their cute items right away. I was eyeing the pale pink collar and highly considered just telling everyone Frankie is a girl and leave it at that. Can you imagine how cute he’d look in the pale pink?

Although I could talk about my dog and his cute collar for days, I'll keep this short and simple. The Wild One kit has not only upped Frankie's style game but also helped us not look like horrible dog parents walking him around on a tattered leash! It's durable, stylish, and looks super cute hanging up in our condo. Instead of buying a new cloth leash each year, we’ll have this one much longer (saving us $$ in the long run).

Frankie has a weird obsession with "walking" himself on his leash and biting at it on the entire walk. Before, it would just ruin his leash and annoy me, but now that he has his Wild One rubber collar and leash combo, it doesn't even show his bite marks! Sounds minor, but not having this constant battle with him each morning has been way more relaxing for the both of us.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Wild One:

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Frank has never looked more stylish!

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