Tips & Tricks for Ordering from SheIn Review

SheIn, for those of you that might not know, is an online shopping website with a huge inventory at crazy low prices (seems too good to be true).  Is it? I first ran across SheIn from seeing other bloggers rave about their perfect finds and how they just got a dozen items for under $100. This girl loves a good steal. So, naturally, I did some investigation to figure out if this was some scam or the best news since Target's clothing line upped its game.

After reading multiple blog posts, reviews online, and too many YouTube videos where bloggers showed each item they bought, I finally took the plunge.  My order arrived within three weeks and to my surprise, looked just like what the pictures showed and pretty spot on to the reviews.  

Overall, I was happy, but I definitely now know how to better shop the SheIn inventory in the future after receiving my order and reading other tips.

So, if you're tempted to order a handful of cheap (I mean really cheap) fashionable clothes from SheIn, here's my recommendations so you get the most out of your order:

Expectations are everything

SheIn is an overseas clothing company that sells quantity over quality. Just keep that in mind when browsing their items.  If you're going to buy a duplicate Free People dress at 1/10 of the price, than it's going to feel like 1/10 of the price. For me, I was okay with that because the items I ordered were casual clothes, swimsuits, and other simple accessories and quality wasn't a priority.

So, when your order arrives just keep in mind that they are able to provide these clothes at such a lower cost, because they are made with much lesser quality fabric and design.  If your expectations are low, than I think you'll be much happier with your order (that sounds horrible, I know, but it's so true).  

For example, I bought this super cute Maria Hoffman dupe swimsuit (see photo).  It was only $10. The stitching is a little loose and the pads in the front don't really stay in place, but the suit is super cute and I love the pattern.  For me, it's worth spending $200 less for a swimsuit I am only going to wear a few times a year.  Even with the flaws mentioned.

Look at Other People's Photos & Reviews

The great thing about SheIn is that so many shop from the site every day and get points when they upload photos and reviews. Which is really helpful for you if you're trying to figure out the fit of an item or get a better idea of the quality. The blouse I am wearing in the first photo had tons of reviews and photos, so I knew exactly what to expect when it arrived.

However, I did make a rookie mistake and ordered a blouse with no reviews or photos, and it was an epic fail.  It fit me weird, the buttons wouldn't go in the holes, and it just all around a bad pick.  So, learn from other people and read the reviews! Especially if someone in a photo looks like your size and height, it will give you a better idea of how the item will fit you.

Order Very Far in Advance

I was heading on vacation before I submitted my order and I made sure to give myself 3-4 weeks for arrival.  Thankfully it arrived right at the 3 week mark, but that was still super long.  Granted, I submitted my order from the German site and perhaps it takes longer? I have read lots of American bloggers say about 2-3 weeks is the average time for the shipment to arrive. 

So, if you have a big trip or you are wanting an item for a special occasion I would order as far in advance as possible. That way you have plenty of time to return or exchange the item and get it in before your event!

Pay Attention to Measurements

This is huge advance.  Do not expect your size to be the same for every item you order.  For me, I had to go up in the swimsuits and down in the dresses.  Each item you order look at the measurements because they do change item to item.  Also, when in doubt, just size up! Fortunately most things I have bought from SheIn fit fine, but a little more room wouldn't hurt every now and then. I always keep a measuring tape on hand!


Have you ordered from SheIn? If so, what was your experience like?

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