16th Century Manor House: Hotel Jan Brito Review

Hotel Jan Brito
Hotel Jan Brito

Known as the "Venice of the North", Bruges is a city that takes you back to the 14th century with its beautiful canals, horse drawn carriages, and medieval architecture.  Bruges has long been on my list of weekend trips since our move to Germany.  With it being only a short, 4 hour drive away, I knew we had to spend some time in this romantic city.

Upon planning, I found a picturesque accommodation, Hotel Jan Brito, in the heart of Bruges.  I knew that I wanted to stay in a space that truly captured the essence and culture of Bruges, and Hotel Jan Brito does just that.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist who quickly helped us to our room and showed us the grounds.  Making sure we knew where everything was, had what we needed, and shared with us the top things to see and do in Bruges.  

Hotel Jan Brito

We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the room and beautiful, large windows over looking the city.  If you've traveled to Europe, than you know large, spacious rooms are quite the rarity. The space was decorated in gorgeous, 14th century design and had a historic atmosphere that made you feel like you had traveled to the past.

Breakfast was served in this beautiful space over looking the garden and we enjoyed fresh fruit, pastries, and a full British Breakfast (bangers + beans, of course). We so enjoyed our time in this space during our mornings at Hotel Jan Brito that we had to motivate one another to get up and explore the city (we were just so comfortable enjoying our coffee and relaxing)!

Hotel Jan Brito has been of my favorite spaces in Europe that we've stayed in.  The hotel embraced the history of Bruges while maintaining a modern, comfortable space for today's travelers.  I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is staying in a space that reflects the city you are traveling to.

If you're planning to travel to Bruges, Belgium soon here's more information on the space:

Hotel Jan Brito

Freren Fonteinstraat 1

B-8000 Brugge


Tel: +32 50 33 06 01

Fax: +32 50 33 06 52