Finding a Home Away from Home in Geneva

Swiss Luxury Apartments Breakfast

This historic, 19th century building now turned luxury, stylish apartments was the perfect place to stay during our time in Geneva.  Swiss Luxury Apartments offers all that an upscale hotel provides, while giving you the feeling that you're coming home to your own chic apartment in the heart of Geneva. What more could you ask for?

We chose to stay in the Swiss Luxury Apartments during our time in Switzerland and it was the wisest decision we made during our entire trip (okay, hiking through the Alps during Ski season wasn't as poor of a decision as I thought it would be). Between the excellent staff, delicious breakfast delivered to our door each morning, and spacious apartment that made me never want to leave, staying at Swiss Luxury Apartments was pure bliss.

Upon arrival, I was drooling over the modern design met with the historical architecture. That is one of my favorite things to see in Europe and when it is done well; swoon! Everything from the fresh white walls, chic couch, art in each room that added a pop of color, sleek & functional kitchen, and the list could go on.  The space's beautiful designed matched its incredible level of service and hospitality. 

From providing complimentary laundry service, full kitchen, and variable LED lighting to being fully equipped with international television,  sound system with smartphone connectivity, and an espresso machine in each apartment, not a detail was missed. Swiss Luxury Apartments does an incredible job of making sure all guest have what they need and at a very high level of comfort.

The staff is available 24/7 and although there is not a restaurant locating in the building, upon arrival we were given a list and contact information for restaurants in the area that would deliver to us. However, the hotel does provide room service for an array of different wines and drinks to the room and breakfast in the morning.

This space is ideal for a business person traveling for a few day trip, with USB plugs built-in to the desk, high-speed and secure WLAN, located near the business district and convenient to the airport and other means of transportation.  However, this would also be the perfect space for a couple looking for a getaway or even a small family wanting to have a spacious apartment where they can cook and relax together. 

Unlike some hotels and apartments, the fridge was restocked daily with an assortment of water, juices, and cola and the staff made sure the Nespresso machine never went empty (which was a huge score for my husband).  Upon arriving back to our hotel each evening the space had been fully cleaned and picked-up, we joked that if only this was the same in our house in Germany (ha!). It was so relaxing to come back to what felt like our home and have every thing we needed.

Larger than most apartment/hotels I've stayed in, Swiss Luxury Apartments provided a substantially sized dining and living space that was attached to the kitchenette.  One thing I loved about the layout of our apartment was how well the space was used.  Never in our time did we that there wasn't enough room and every inch of the apartment had a purpose.

The large, 3 meter high ceilings with beautiful French windows were a dream.  The space was large, but the ceilings made it feel so much more open and spacious.  In the evening we were able to close the electric blinds, which made waking up hard (okay, it might have been the silk linens and cozy bed, too), but when you're on vacation sleeping in is a necessity!


Overall, our stay at Swiss Luxury Apartments could not have been more perfect.  We honestly had no complaints during our time in our apartment and were constantly impressed by how well the staff took care of us.  Between making sure we had recommendations on where to eat & what to see and do to always being available to assist in any request we had. We felt at home in the Swiss Luxury Apartments, but with that extra level of comfort and class. 

If you're interested in staying in Geneva at this beautiful space see below:


The Swiss Luxury Apartments

Rue Philippe-Plantamour 6, CH-1201 Geneva
 +41 22 596 12 00     E-Mail

Thank you Swiss Luxury Apartments for a lovely stay with exceptional hospitality. Special thanks to Dina for hosting us and the rest of the staff's service and going above and beyond.