10 Photos to Inspire You to Hike in the French Alps

We visited the French Alps via Chamonix Valley during probably the worst and yet best time -- ski season was ending and hiking season hadn't even begun.  I must admit, I was a bit worried that our time in the French Alps would be an epic fail, but to my surprise, visiting this beautiful area during a somewhat "iffy" time was such a blessing in disguise.

We were able to visit the French Alps and Chamonix without the crazy crowds, photo taking tourist, and have the lifts all to ourselves. Although it was recommended by the tourism office and a few locals not to hike, we did it anyways and took the risk.  It was a bit snowy in parts, but overall totally doable to hike this time of year at 10,000 feet of elevation.

We took the Aiguelles Rouges cable car (about 8 minutes up) and weaved our way through the snowboarder and skiers (also not advised, but they didn't seem to mind) to the beginning of the Lac Blanc trail.  From there, you have amazing views of the French Alps and on a clear day the highest mountain, Mont Blanc. 

Below are a few photos from our time in the Chamonix Valley and hiking around the Aiguelles Rouges.  If you're looking to visit the French Alps in April, I would highly recommend taking the same cable car and exploring the area, having a picnic at the top, and taking in all the pretty views.

Below are some photos from your tip. Hope you enjoy!