Elderflower Cocktail

June is Elderflower Season -- who knew? 

This year, we've hit record highs and it's just sticky and gross outside for the most part. Typically, if I am going to enjoy a drink with my dinner or out with friends my go-to is a Malbec. However, lately I've been experimenting with different, light cocktails that have been perfect for this hot weather. I mean, I love red wine, but it's just not as appealing in this heat. 

This cocktail recipe is simple and can be made super quick. We added a few cucumbers, which surprisingly added more flavor than one would expect! If you're looking to switch things up a bit, I would recommend adding this recipe to your drink collection. See the details below:

Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail

Prep: 5 min

2 parts Prosecco
1 part Elderflower Syrup
mint for garnishing
sliced cumber for garnishing
First, poor the Prosecco in your glass, then add your Elderflower Syrup. Garnish with mint & sliced cucumber -- enjoy!

xo Monet