2018 Travel Bucket List

For 2018 I have set my sights high on travel -- maybe a little too high? However, I am a firm believer that when you write something down (like a goal) it's much more likely to happen. Plus, I love a good list. 

Positano, Italy // One of my favorite places we visited in 2016.

Positano, Italy // One of my favorite places we visited in 2016.

2018 Travel Bucket List

With 2017 coming to an end, I am in the midst of planning 2018 travels and it has got me daydreaming like crazy.  When we first moved to Germany, I was mostly focused on traveling within Europe. I figured, who knows how long we will live here; let's take advantage of the places we can get to! For 2018, I am still wanting to check off a few places in Europe, but would love to see other parts of the world.

Looking back on 2017, I put my husband through a lot. We had one too many 13 hour car rides (one 15+ hour drive), overnight flights, being jet lagged in Iceland, traveling weekend after weekend with no breaks, and using up almost all of his German vacation time (which is a lot) whooops. No regrets though and I would do it over and over again. Perhaps I should ask him the same question?

So, with 2018, I still plan to "run on fun" and just keep going, but with a little more strategy and thought.  I am more focused on quality trips opposed to quantity.  With that being said, here's my 2018 Bucket List.  

1.)  Maldives 

Since I can remember, the Maldives have always topped my bucket list.  We had a friend that went a few years ago and said it was the most amazing place he had ever been to.  Granted, the whole swimming with sharks thing does freak me out, but I can get past that (at least I think I can...).

If I am being honest though, I thought it was on of those dream places I would never actually see.  However, it'll be our first big trip of 2018 and we'll be spending a week with Vakkaru Maldives, a new resort that opened in December of 2017. I am pretty thrilled to be sharing that trip with you all and taking some great photos and video content.  Stay tuned!

2.) Portugal

I feel like Portugal is a hidden gem that most Americans don't think about traveling to when they head to Europe.  Although I can't speak from experience, I feel like this country is often overlooked.  

A few very trusty sources have said Lisbon & Faro are areas of Portugal well worth a visit.  Although the country as a whole isn't doing well economically, there is a lot of beauty to be found there.  From surfing, eating delicious Portuguese food, visiting historical landmarks, and relaxing on the sandy beaches, Portugal has so much to offer. I've read that summer can be brutally hot, so it's better to visit in the Spring or Fall.

We don't have any official plans yet to visit Portugal in 2018, but it's in the works...

3.) Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Yet another beautiful country that I believe is far too often overlooked.  Croatia offers a lot of the same activities that Portugal does, but with an entirely different culture.  From Roman ruins, National Parks with turquoise lakes, and the most beautiful beaches there really isn't a reason not to visit Croatia.  

When I asked on Instagram the other day for traveling recommendations so many people said Dubrovnik was one of their favorite places they traveled to.  From photos, it looks absolutely gorgeous.  Plus, I'm only a 3 hour flight away and any excuse to get some sun on my skin is always a good idea.

4.) Norwegian Fjords Cruise

I've been to Norway and absolutely loved it! Although I was able to explore the Fjords in Tromso a bit and see the beauty of Oslo, I would still love to see more of Norwegian nature.  Also, we went in October so it was freezing outside.  My next visit to Norway will definitely be in the warmer months (even though I won't be able to spot the Northern Lights). 

Although cruises typically aren't my way of travel, I would love to take a Norwegian Fjords cruise.  I feel like you would have such an amazing perspective of the landscape and formation of the Norwegian coastline. Also, when visiting Norway you can spend a lot of time driving around, so being able to hop from destination to destination via boat sounds much better.

5.) Cape Town, South Africa

Honestly, I would love to explore a lot more of Africa, but Cape Town seems like the next best destination.  Other than the fact that I won't have any time change (just a really long flight), Cape Town has everything.

From spending the day surfing, hiking, exploring the city, and learning about a different culture -- there is really so much to do in Cape Town.  I have heard safety is an issue, so definitely will need to do a lot more research before a trip like this.  However, Cape Town is definitely a place I would love to visit in 2018.

6. Thailand

7. Caribbean Islands

8. British Colombia 

9. Bali

10. Budapest

Okay, okay. My list might be a little too long, but a girl can dream, right? Hoping to at least see a few of these beautiful places next year and/or at some point in my life. 

Where are you all headed in 2018?

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