Curly Hair Tutorial: "My Wash & Go"

My curly hair has always been something I struggled with.  Growing up bi-racial, my mom or dad had no idea how to style or deal with my crazy curls. Often times, I was sent off to my grandmother's or aunt's house for them to brush and braid my tangled curls (s/o to them for helping a girl out --thank goodness someone would brush that curly mess)! 

Growing up in a town that was 90% white, no one had the same hair or texture as me. So not only was there not a salon in sight that could manage to give me a haircut, but also I felt like a total outsider.  Granted, what kid doesn't feel different?

So, like any middle school girl trying to fit in, I bought a CHI flat-iron and thought all my 12 year-old woes would vanish.  Haha, was I in for a surprise -- picture 12 year-old Monet with frizzy, straight hair that was completely dead at the ends.  I think the curly frizz was a lot better.

Curly Hair Tutorial

My parents always told me, "Do you know how much people would pay to have your hair!?" I would always tell them, "thanks", with a smile, but secretly be rolling my eyes wishing I grew up in the 80s when big hair and perms were a thing.

Is that back in style yet? I am patiently waiting.

ThankfullyI've moved on from the CHI flat iron and spending hours in my room watching Clueless while trying to flatiron my locks. Nowadays, I've learned to embrace when people ask to touch my hair and are curious about my ethnicity.  Maybe it's an age thing or confidence thing? Maybe it's both. 

So, if any of you curly head ladies or men are out there with the same woes, I hope this video helps you out in any little way.  Or if you're a mom out there with a child with wild curls that you can't seem to brush, I totally feel you. Patience, a little bit of TLC, and a few products can go a long way.

Getting my curls to where they are today was no easy task. I have tried countless hair products, cuts, methods, and really anything you can think of.  Granted, my hair will be a constant journey and I am always looking for ways to perfect my naturally curly hair. If you have any recommendations, please send me an email!