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Covering Acne & Scars Makeup Tutorial

Until I find a magic potion or solution, make-up is my go-to way to feel more confident in my acne-prone and scarred skin. I am super passionate about the power of make-up and how it can make a person feel (especially someone with bad acne and unruly skin). I know there are so many strong opinions on make-up out there. I totally understand both sides, but for me, this is what works! 

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Skin Care: Acne Solutions

I have constantly struggled with my skin since I was in middle school. Still not quite sure how I survived that awkward stage with frizzy hair and Abercrombie hoodies. If only I had these products 10+ years ago, I think it would of saved many bad make-up days trying to cover blemishes and feeling conscious. Nonetheless, Proactive was the only solution back in the day, and Jessica Simpson just didn't quite sell me on the fact that was the only product that solved her acne woes.

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