Hintersteiner Lake, A Must See in Austria

A few weeks ago we spent a long weekend in Austria staying at Hohe Salve Sportresort (the most relaxing weekend ever!).   On one of our days in Austria we drove just 25 minutes north to the beautiful Hintersteiner See, where we were blown away by its gorgeous turquoise water. 

Funnily enough, we did not have any one recommend to us to visit Hintersteiner See.  Rather, I was looking at the map (yes, a physical paper map ;-) ) of the greater Hopfgarten, Austria area; and saw a body of water and asked my husband to google it and see if it was anything special. 

Hintersteinersee Austria

Well, it was definitely something quite special and worth seeing. We viewed a few photos on google and did a bit of research on what the area was like, but honestly, it's so much better in person.  I know, I know, people say that about most destinations, but this one is something you just have to see in person to really appreciate the gem that it is.

Also, it's super easy to get to and find parking.  Around Hintersteiner See are two large parking areas, a few cafes, cute cows roaming the fields, and plenty of walking and hiking paths where you have great views of the water. It's a really convenient space and I appreciated that, since last time we went to a lake in the Bavaria area, it took us 6+ hours of hiking in sleet (you can read about that here).  To say the least, I was stocked that there were toilets, coffee, and parking at the top!

I've mapped out the location at the bottom of this post for you and it's really straight forward to access, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an email or comment. Below are some photos from our day at Hintersteiner See -- enjoy, enjoy! 


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