A Rejuvenating & Relaxing Weekend at Hohe Salve

Sports Resort Hohe Salve



As much as I love to travel it is not often that I find a weekend trip away "relaxing" (since we've lived in Europe, weekend trips include driving 8+ hours, no sleep, and running on fun).  It's just now May and I have already traveled to 9 countries in 2017.  As much as I love it, I typically come home from a trip and totally crash. 

Well, last weekend when we traveled to Austria and stayed with Sport Resort Hohe Salve it was the most relaxing experiencing I have had in a while. It was the first time I came home from a weekend trip and actually felt more relaxed and rejuvenated than when I had arrived. I think the infinity pool, perfect Austrian weather, and modern spa might have done the trick.

The rooms were extremely spacious, clean, and had everything we needed and more.  Although we were at Hohe Salve during off-season for skiing, you could see how well the space was designed to hold gear and keep the rest of your room clean from snow and dirt.  For us, we were able to keep our muddy running shoes and wet clothes in the spacious closet away from our living space (because my crazy husband decided to jump in a freezing alpine lake one day).

The bathroom was equipped with a large bathtub, blow dryer, shower that could fit a small army, tons of space to store your toiletries, and a balance board to practice a bit of yoga while brushing your teeth.  We decided to take the balance board on the terrace overlooking the mountains and pool to get our morning stretch in. 

The culinary experience at Sport Resort Hohe Salve was top notch and totally surpassed our expectations.  From the large breakfast buffet that included homemade omelets, fresh juices and a juice maker (we had way too much fun making our own crazy concoctions), and a variety of healthy muffins and pastries. 

Dinner included an excellent 5 course meal that was different each night along with a great wine menu that paired well with the dishes.  The dining area overlooked the infinity pool and watching the sun set over mountains each night made the experiences so lovely.  After a day of hiking and running around the mountains it was wonderful to sit and relax with delicious food and a great view.

For me, the best part of the space was the "Move & Relax" space.  From a well designed and equipped gym to a state of the art sauna that included an infrared and damp sauna, the space had everything you needed to get a great workout in then relax after. For the privacy of the other guest, I didn't take any photos of the "Move & Relax" space, but you can see more on Sportsresort Hohe Salve's site here.

Before dinner each night and after a full day of being outside we would go to the pool to unwind and take in the last few hours of sunlight. We tended to stay near the 30 degree pool, which was the perfect temperature for the time of year we were visiting.  However, we noticed a lot of the guest taking advantage of the sports pool and getting a few laps in before dinner (they were more ambitious than me).

Overall we had a fabulous stay during our time at Hohe Salve Sports Resort.  If I could dream-up my perfect vacation that included relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, and coming back each night to a luxurious dining and spa experience, this would top my list.  If we find ourselves in Austria again (which I hope we do), than I will most certainly be back to Hohe Salve. 




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