Matcha Tea Latte with Almond Milk Recipe

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With the colder temperatures quickly (I mean way too quickly) approaching Germany these days, I've been opting for afternoon teas to keep my body warm and provide that extra boost of energy.  Matcha Tea is known to give you that extra boost that coffee does, but without the crash later in the day.  Also, the brand I am using lately has nootropics, so it enhances brain function.  Which is always good when the rainy weather is so dreary and I can't seem to focus on anything.

In college one of my friends introduced me to the Starbucks Green Tea Latte and I have been hooked every since.  Sadly, it's taken me 4+ years to finally perfect my own dupe of Starbucks Green Tea Matcha Latte (better late than never). This recipe is easy, super delicious, and the perfect treat on a dreary fall afternoon or morning.

I still enjoy my cup of joe every morning, but when I need a little extra boost later in the day, I like to opt for this healthier alternative.




1 tsp Matcha Powder (I have been loving this one with Nootropics)

1 cup Almond Milk

Sugar or preferred sweetener to taste (I use honey or maple syrup)


Heat almond on your stove top until to your desired temperature.

In a blender add heated almond milk, matcha powder, and sweetener.  Once blended throughout (no clumps of green), then pour in your mug and enjoy!