We're Back in the States!

Monet Sommers

I'll keep this one short & sweet.

We said goodbye to Germany and our little life there last month and moved back to the States. If any of you have ever moved (whether it was down the street or to a totally new place) you know it's always bittersweet.

For us, our last few months in Germany was filled with getting as much time with the people there that we love so much. I feel so fortunate we had a proper goodbye to the place we called home for the past few years and the people that took us in during our time there. 

As I move forward with writing, the blog will be changing gears (naturally). Traveling is still at the core and is why this blog was able to stay around from the beginning. But our lives look a little different here in the States (and Paris just isn't a quick, weekend trip away), so I'll be sharing more lifestyle and local finds. Which I'm thrilled to be sharing with you all more about the local community and starting to explore more of my own country!

Thanks for following along on this little adventure of mine. Giddy about getting back into writing and photography again.

- Monet