A Snowy Holiday in Berchtesgaden

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden

Although we live in the north of Germany, I take any chance I can get to visit Bavaria.  I love the rolling hills, diverse landscape, and Bavarian Alps that surround the south.  It's a magical portion of this country that I just cannot get enough of.

We had the opportunity to visit Berchtesgaden, Germany and stay with Kempinski Hotel in their newly remodeled space.  The week was full of waking up to snowy views each morning, snow-shoeing for the first time, and having the most delicious meals in the Kempinski restaurant. 

It was one of my absolute favorite vacations of 2017 and gave me an opportunity to experience a real snowy winter. However, now that I have my fill of snow, I think I'm good until next year -- Summer 2018, where are you?

We visited Kempinski's Munich location last summer and you can find the article here.

Berchtesgaden Kempinski

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Berchtesgaden Germany Kempinski Hotel

The Rooms

The rooms at Kempinski Berchtesgaden are stunning and have a modern cabin feel to them.  I also love how spacious the rooms in Kempinski hotels always are. 

We had a small seating area that was the perfect spot to cozy up next to the fire.  The bed was extremely comfortable and I slept in way too much during my time there.  Thankfully, breakfast is served until 11 a.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. on weekends, so we weren't rushed each morning. 

The bathroom included a large tub which I absolutely loved taking advantage of.  The shower was huge -- probably the size of my entire bathroom at home (well, at least pretty close). 

From our room we had amazing views of the mountains.  Each morning waking up to the snow falling and seeing the light hit the peaks was truly wonderful. It honestly felt like we were waking up in a magical winter wonderland each morning.

On site restaurant

I'm not going to lie, I judge a hotel huge by the quality of food and each time I visit a Kempinski Hotel I'm totally wowed by their on site restaurants.  They definitely provide the best breakfast I've had in any hotel.  Michael and I joke that heaven is probably the Kempinski breakfast buffet each morning -- it's that delicious.  

What I especially loved about the Berchtesgaden location was that each morning you had the option to order from five hot dishes.  I tried something new each day, but my favorite was the Eggs Benedict with an avocado sauce -- yum! I also loved the omelet and fresh juices we were served each morning.  It's always really nice when you can be on vacation but still have healthy options to choose from.

One night we had dinner at Johann Grill, the restaurant on site, and it was one the best meals I've had in a while.  We both ordered from the seasonal menu which included wild game meat, seasonal vegetables, and wines that paired perfectly with each dish.  The service was exceptional and the staff did an incredible job helping us with recommendations and options. 

Winter Activities

Heidelberg Christmas Market.jpg

Being in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, there is so much to do at Kempinski Berchtesgaden.  We went sledding, snow shoeing, hiking, skiing, and even saw Krampus (which was quite the experience) at the Christmas Markets. Although seeing Berchtesgaden in the summer would be lovely, there was something truly special seeing it during the snowy winter months. 

We took advantage of the Activity Concierge on site at Kempinski, and spent the day with him  snow shoeing and seeing the best parts of the mountains.  It was great having someone that knows the area perfectly show us around.  We were able to have quite the adventure on the snow shoes, drink homemade lemonade at the top of a mountain, and watch the cross country skiers on the border of Austria. 

Our four days spent with Kempinski Berchtesgaden was truly an amazing experience and time spent.  We had the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure during our time in the south of Germany. I'm already planning to visit this beautiful village in the summer months to do a little mountain biking and hiking through these beautiful hills. If you're looking for the perfect winter getaway in Germany, I cannot recommend Berchtesgaden Kempinski enough.


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