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Hotel Contessa: Our Gorgeous San Antonio Stay

So, with Hotel Contessa's tagline being "Luxury Suites on the Riverwalk", my attention was caught. And they truly live by their slogan - gorgeous views of the Riverwalk right out my window and easy access to explore the city. Each evening during our stay, Michael and I would end the evening on the patio facing the Riverwalk. We would watch all the people take boats, walk along the river, and even saw a couple get married! It was quite the experience.

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A Winter Escape: Heidelberg Suites

I would go back to the Heidelberg Suites each weekend if I could.  It's such a relaxing and beautiful hotel with the perfect location overlooking the Nekar and Heidleberg Castle.  It was almost a pity how much time we spent in our room with all of the lovely Christmas activity going on. However,  it was just that great of a space, hot chocolate barely got me to leave -- it was the perfect suite.

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