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7 Things I Love About Living in Germany

Living in Germany definitely has it perks.  After being here for almost 16 months, I've learned to love some of the German ways of living. I'm still getting used to following rules, turning my bicycle light on at night and not recycling on Sunday. Overall this country has some pretty great things about it and I feel lucky to experience them. As the time goes on, I'm learning to appreciate what I once thought was a "weird German thing" and even becoming more German like myself.

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Life in Germany 001

Welcome to my first series of "Life in Germany", this will be a monthly update of any and all things Germany. It's an idea I have had for a while and is long overdue, better late than never?

One of my favorite things about living in Germany is by far the Autobahn. Before I moved to Germany, I thought the Autobahn was just one road somewhere in the middle of Germany. Kind of like a touristy spot where people rented BMWs and drove fast.

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Advice & Tips if You Plan to Move Abroad

Living abroad has been one the most incredible decisions my husband and I made and definitely the most life changing.  There are hurdles that come with this new life.  But overall, with an encouraging family, a few good friends, preparation, and the right mindset making the transition of living abroad is totally doable!

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