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An Amazing Day Trip from Marrakech: Atlas Mountains & Agafay Desert

Marrakech is an amazing city to visit.  However, after a few days of the busy Moroccan souks, it's really nice to escape the chaos.  There are many options when it comes to booking day trips from Marrakech.  From the Atlas Mountains and desert to the beautiful town of Essauoira there is so much to see. Even if you're short on time during your travels to Marrakech, taking a day to see something different and learn more about the Moroccan history and culture is worth it.

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10 Travel Tips to Know Before Visiting Marrakech

There are 10 travel tips I believe every person needs to know before visiting Marrakech, Morocco. To avoid being disappointed, getting sick, or being taking advantage of follow these top recommendations and tips.  Although I went to Marrakech without knowing all of this; our trip would have gone a bit smoother if we had done the research.  So from one traveler to another, here is my best advice if you plan to visit this beautifully chaotic city.

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An Oasis Amidst the Chaos: Bliss Riad

Bliss Riad truly embraces the culture of Morocco.  Filled with Moroccan rugs, leather goods, beautiful mosaic tiles, and greenery in every corner.  It was truly an oasis amidst the chaos of the souks of Marrakech.  Not only where we amazed by the beauty of Bliss Riad, but it also smelled divine.  The smell was like warmth and savory mixed with the cleanest, purest herbs. 

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