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A Chic & Delightful Stay in Amsterdam | Hotel2Stay

When looking for hotels these are always the priorities: well priced, convenient location, and cute atmosphere (because that's the most important). Who wants to stay in a space that doesn't have the right aesthetic and feel? Not this girl. While doing my research, I stumbled across Hotel2Stay, a new hotel next to Sloterdijk train station -- which was perfect for me because I always take the train from Germany to that exact station. 

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48 Hours in Holland's Unsung Village Utrecht

It's easy to fall in love with a city like Utrecht.  Beautiful canals, busy streets with cyclist in every direction, and color buildings that make a rainy day look cheery.  Living so close to the Dutch border has been such a treat.  We have loved learning about this tiny country that has made such an impact on the world with it's culture, art, and history. 

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